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The study area is shown in the figure below. The study area was defined to include the City of Rensselaer Hilton Center Brownfield Redevelopment Area and potential connections to the Rensselaer Riverwalk/RPI Trail. The study area also extends to the east towards the Hollow Trail and Rensselaer Junior/Senior High School. Specific project recommendations shall be made throughout the study area.


The Study will identify options for implementing a complete streets approach to the roadways in the Study Area including:

  • Traffic calming

  • Access management

  • Pedestrian and bicycle access

  • Public transit access

  • Emergency access

  • Parking access

  • Overall safety and operational improvements between schools, residential neighborhoods, and planned mixed-use developments (near the Hudson River in the Northeastern section of the City)


The overall goal of the project is to enhance the

bicycle and pedestrian network for both safety

and convenience, promote healthy and 

sustainable modes of transportation, and

spur economic reinvestment in the North

end of the City.

The intended outcome is to give clear direction on priority locations and desired design treatments for inclusion in street restriping, signing, modification, repaving, or reconstruction projects, based on a representative public input process, including at the intersections of Washington Avenue at 7th St, Washington Avenue at Broadway, Washington Avenue at 4th St, Washington at 3rd St, and the Forbes Avenue Switchback. One of the primary considerations of this study is transportation-related needs of people who traditionally experience transportation disadvantages.​

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